A global luxury automotive manufacturer, focused on customer service, expressed a need to identify and address challenges and issues identified at some of their dealerships.

They sought a collaborative solution to implement and manage action plans for their North American dealership network management.

North American Divison of International Luxury Vehicle Manufacturer
IT Consultancy, Custom Software Development, Hands-On Training


The Head of North American Dealership Management’s task was to raise standards by identifying and implementing resolutions to issues requiring attention across the dealership network.

“Our aim was that every dealership reaches what we would describe as an acceptable standard of customer accomodations and customer satisfaction, yelding an exceptional experience for our clientel.”


Innovative Systems and Solutions LTD’s Systems Team worked closely with the vehicle maufacturer’s dealership management team to devise a collaborative system to accomplish the necessary goals.

The system implemented approval tiers for Action Plans tailored to address each situation identified on a dealership level.  The base action plan was created by a local corporate manager whose reponsibilities included visiting dealerships in his region.

While visitng, physical facilities would be inspected and procedures would be checked.  Items requiring attention at various levels of severity would be itemized and included in an action plan to remedy the issues.

The action plans were presented to the next-level of management and, if approved, would be presented to dealership management, along with milestones to achieve the agreed-upon goals.

The action plans would be collaboratively monitored throughout multiple levels of corporate management until the goals were reached.

Analytical reports were available to showprogress at various points in time.


The Dealership Management System (DMS) was presented on a national level at quarterly meetings and earned the suport of corporate and dealership team members.

The DMS was fine-tuned and honed to our customer’s needs and, through various iterations, proved to be a formidible soltuion that met their needs.