A NYC-based leader in international insurance had an immediate time-sensitve need to rollout 60 preconfigured Windows Servers and printers to 30 regional corporate offices.  The techs and logistics teams at Innovative Systems and Solutions LTD stepped up to assist.

Major NYC-based Internation Insurance Organization
IT Consultancy, tech Services


A large NYC-based multi-national insurance organization had an immediate, time-sensitve need to rollout 60 Windows servers to support the implementationof a mission-critical project.


The servers needed to be pre-configured to rigorous specs and sent out inpairs to 30 offices.  One or two pre-configured laser printers were also needed as part of the ‘package.’  Each server was pre-loaded with the client’s custom software and was sent out ready to be turned on and implemented.  Time zones and IP address scheme wee pre-configured as well.

In addition to ISS LTD’s tech services, ISS LTD coordinated all trackable logistics for the shipments.

100% accuracy was acheived.


Innovative Systems and Solutions LTD met all client standards of accuracy and delivered the project within necessary timeframes.

ISS LTD’s teams were in constant interaction with the client’s project teams to achieve utmost coordination.