Solving Your Software Challenges

Looking to solve an operational challenge?
Need to integrate your Line Of Business Program with other systems?
Seeking to streamline various processes?
We can provide solutions using the latest development tools to meet your needs.
Does your legacy COBOL software need some TLC or enhancements?  We can assist!
We provide support for S2000 / S2K and Sagitta systems as well.

  • Need to analyze your data?

    We can provide solutions utilizing Python to make sense of your data.

  • Looking for a ‘Green’ programming solution?

    We will present solutions developed using the Rust programming language. It is energy-efficient as well as lightning fast.

  • Need to update or modify your legacy COBOL system?

    Our team has over 20 years of hands-on experience with COBOL and Assembler to achieve your goals.

  • Need to modernize your Line Of Business System Output?

    We can demonstrate enhancing your printed output using Crystal Reports, Fabsoft print solutions, or our own MetAppend software.
    Need to store it indexed and digitally? We can do!
    Need S2000 or Sagitta Support? We can assist!