A respected mid-sized law firm in Queens, NY needed to implement various  additional security measures to protect sensitive data stored on its local network as well as sent via email.

Additionally, the firm sought to institute a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in addtion to its disaster recovery plan.

The teams at Innovative Systems and Solutions LTD installed the necessary security components for the firm to assure its compliance with its client banks.

Mid-Sized Law Firm
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IT Consultancy,Cyber Security, Network Security, COmpliance, Network File Access Auditing


The mid-sized law firm’s client banks imposed stringent requirements for data security, contigency and continuity planning, in addition to protection already in place at the firm.


The Teams at ISS LTD implemented consolidated solutions incorporating PGP file encryption with personal keys to protect data at rest.  Server file auditing software was installed to audit all file and Active Directory activity to assure data security.  In-transit data was protected using encrypted emails, with recipients validated using two step authentication.

Network security was maintained using encrypted VPN clients for off-site access, real-time gateway protection from viruses, bots, network intrusion, and spyware.  Zero-day attacks were isolated using automated remediation with cloud-based multi-engine sandboxing.  Content was filtered at the gateway using industry-stanard, customizable conent filtering services.

Comprehensive dnamic Business Continuity Plans were developed to supplement existing Disaster Recovery Plans.


Compliance needs were accomplished and are actively reviewed and updated to assure reliabilty.