A major New York City HHS Hospital constantly seeks ways to improve the efficiency of its Department of Emergency Medicine’s patient services.  Innovative Systems & Solutions LTD partnered with key players at the hospital to implement an improved HIPAA-compliant workflow for automating data collection and patient chart assimilation into hospital online systems.

Major NYC HHS Hospital
IT Consultancy, Custom Software, Image-based Data Collection


The head of the hospital’s Department of Emergency Medicine reached out to Innovative Systems & Solutions LTD (ISS LTD), working in partnership with one of its office machine suppliers, to facilitate the onboarding of patient medical records in the Emergency Room.


Working closely with the hospital’s  Department of Emergency Medicine, ISS LTD  developed a system to scan patient medical records using a multi-function device (a copier), using the existing triage page as a cover sheet with all relevant data.  The forms are logged and queued for ISS LTD’s software to extract the data from the triage pages, attach the info as metadata to the images and send the images to patient medical record files in the hospital’s Quadramed system.

Images may be viewed prior to assimilation into Quadramed using ISS LTD’s MRViewer utility.

All processing is audit-logged to facilitate HIPAA compliance.

Metrics are collected to a SQL database for further analysis.


The ISS LTD implementation team worked with the hospital to test, stage, and successfully implement this solution.

Countless hours of time are saved by leveraging this system, based upon image-based data collection and scanning technologies.