Ricoh’s eCabinet® has reached End Of Life.  What do you do with the multitudes of files, images, and documents you have stored in the system?  Our solutions can assist with your needs.

  • Data Migration

    Do you need assistance exporting your files, index information, and metadata to a database or migrating to
    another document management system?
    We have a proven track record leveraging our real-life experience as a Ricoh Alliance and Development Partner, applying our eCabinet knowledge and technical expertise, enabling your migration to be cost effective and worry free. Unlike our competitors, there is no need with our solution to create an
    additional backup of the eCabinet, which may take a week or longer.

    PDF Download: eCabinet Migration Overview

  • eCRD

    Our eCabinet Restore or Delete program, eCRD, facilitates restoring documents from archival storage or permanantly deleting documents from archival storage.

  • eCIP

    We developed the eCabinet Interface Program, eCIP, to replace the browser interface to eCabinet. eCIP facilitates the indexing and management of documents sent to the eCabinet, leveraging the eCabinet’s functionality. PDF manipuation, document export, and HIPAA Compliance round out the software’s features. Hundreds of licenses have been implemented by clients of various sizes to enhance the eCabinet experience.

    PDF Download: eCIP Overview