A fast-growing NJ-based national insurance organization with over 135 offices sought Innovative Systems and Solutions LTD’s  assistance to augment their IT department for an urgent time-constrained project.  Almost fifty user PCs from a recent acquisition needed to be upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, moved to a new domain, and have new line-of-business software installed.  Personalized user settings needed to be preserved.

Fast-Growing NJ-Based Insurance Organization
Insurance Broker
IT Consultancy, On-Site Tech Services


The Innovative Systems and Solutions LTD tech team assigned to this project needed to accomplish the project with minimal impact on the client’s users, working after hourson the tasks.  The team also needed to be available the following business days during standard hours for any necessary user support.


Innovative Systems and Solutions LTD realized early on that this fast-growing insurance organization  is a company that wants to set the pace, not just keep up with it, not wanting any down-time during the project.

The tech team upgraded Windows on the PCs, added RAM when necessary, moved the users to a new network domain, new email addresses, installed the new line-of-business software side-by-side with the legacy software, and upgraded Microsoft Office.


The tech team worked diligently and mainatined copious logs of any exceptions encountered along with their resolutions.  The client’s end-users were trained as needed on any changes in operatons and procedures and received attentive personalized support as needed.

The client’s Director of IT commended the ISS LTD tech team on a job well-done and completed ahead of the deadline.